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Hennessy, venerable brand and creators of the world's most iconic cognacs, enlisted BFNY's scent creation services to design a custom aroma that celebrated its rare Paradis Imperial cognac to be used in conjunction with the festivities of the 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year and other VIP customer centered marketing events.



Our concept centered around the Paradis Imperial cognac itself, drawing on the evocative, richly aromatic character found in the fragrant spirit. Even though we were commissioned to create an aroma for a specific market, our concept transcended any demographic, to address the heart of the Hennessy brand - a purely luxurious experience. The fragrance we conceptualized needed to do two things: present both an inviting and festive sensation and deliver the Hennessy brand promise - a rich heritage of unwavering quality, a superior product and the authenticity of a legendary family legacy. Our concept had to express the Hennessy brand truth, a truth that can be characterized as the powerful bond between three important elements: their customer base, their meticulous handcrafted style and a connection to nature and the terroir where their fruit is grown. Not to minimize the visual cues of the product, we took a synesthetic approach to developing the aroma, that made the color of the spirit equally as important in evoking a feeling of history and richness.


We produced an aroma that showcased a rich, unctuous floral bouquet with wisps of honeyed smoke, a boozy leather accord and a woody, oakiness reminiscent of the luxurious and exclusive, mahogany paneled private clubs reserved for the erudite ruling class.


Cognac Accord, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Oakwood, Oud, Leather Accord, Vanilla Bean, Benzoin, Tobacco Leaf.


Creative Direction: Tony Perez & Meredith Waga

Perfumer: Jerome Epinette

Diffusion method:  Standalone units

Client: Hennessy



Number of Hennessy events where the fragrance has been diffused. Originally meant the be singularly used for the 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year VIP event, Hennessy has adopted the aroma for many other, ongoing VIP marketing events.

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