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BFNY has proudly won numerous awards including the prestigious 2014 Rising Star Award from The Fashion Group International in the category of Fragrance & Beauty Entrepreneur. In addition, our scent creations have been two-time finalists for The Fragrance Foundation's annual Interior Scent Collection of the Year awards and our Belle Fleur branded home fragrances have been honored with "Best Home Fragrance Award," by a leading perfume blog for multiple consecutive years.

At BFNY, we are dedicated to creating iconic, incomparable sensory experiences that work for our clients and their audience. Our multidisciplinary experience informs and fuels our creativity to design aromas that help to deepen the emotional connections between brands and their consumers and between people and their environments.

We create, construct and engineer aromas that perfectly fit your lifestyle and communicate your incomparable identity to the outside world. 

Creating ambient aromas that inspire people to feel connected, to place and to each other, is why we exist.

we translate the essence of your brand into a recognizable signature scent that supports, reinforces 

and communicates your brand's message.

why exceptional raw materials matter

Exceptional raw materials are the foundation to creating beautiful ambient aromas that can literally transform spaces and deliver a truly magnificent experience.

At BFNY, we partner with a 200 year old, Grasse based raw material supplier who believes, as we do, that quality natural raw materials are the key to composing a beautiful aroma. Our raw materials are globally sourced and sustainably harvested, with our partners investing in farmers, their local infrastructures and their communities. We support a "Seed to Scent" program that ensures the provenance and traceability of each raw material we use, from point of harvest through its final journey to your brand.

Our process is driven by one key principle: 

create something truly beautiful and transformative

We take a rigorous, strategic and analytical approach to uncovering the nature of your brand. We examine all existing and historical brand references, listen to you, your employees, your consumers, how you communicate to your audience and how you are positioned in the marketplace. We also examine the aesthetics of the space where the scent will be diffused and we work to create a solution that is both brand appropriate, and in complete harmony with all of the visual and other sensory cues that comprise your brand's overall identity. 

OUR best-in-class partnerSHIps deliver first class results

Collaboration is at the heart of our creative enterprise

We collaborate with some of the most talented and creative professionals across multiple disciplines. We employ our extensive network of experts in the fields of design-thinking, brand strategy, perfumery & scent diffusion technology, to deliver to you a superior product that is reflective of your brand's aesthetics and values.


Our raw material supplier produces some of the finest perfumery material in the world and our perfumers and design collaborators are creative, talented and award-winning.


Our collaborative design/creation/thought model and 25 years of multidisciplinary experience and creative skills, allows us to apply a unique lens to each project.


Whether your project is large or small, requires HVAC intervention or a simple standalone scent delivery option, our global technology partner produces the latest, most robust and most advanced micro-diffusion systems on the market.


Our service is unmatched. Every project, large or small receives the same level of detail and attention. Additionally, our product capabilities extend beyond ambient scenting. We are capable of manufacturing for our clients an array of scented products including perfume, soap, room sprays, candles, diffusers, bath products, marketing collateral, stationery, clothing, vehicles and any number of other possibilities that help tell your brand's story. 

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