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20 East End Avenue

New York



20 East End Avenue was conceived as a marriage between a modern, idealized vision of city living, and the deeply rooted traditions of grandeur that defined the Gilded Age of New York City's luxury dwellings of the early twentieth century. BFNY was charged with creating a scent for the building's focal point - The Library and its adjoining Billiard Room and Bar - that supported and enhanced the design vision.


We designed a scent that, like the architecture itself, allowed residents and their guests to experience the interior as a progressive unfolding of space. Our aroma was purposely orchestrated as a sequence of scaled and rhythmic episodes, intended to elicit in the occupants, an emotional reaction to the formal gestures of the architecture.

Drawing on the archetypical design that reigned supreme luxury 

pre-war NYC apartment buildings, we explored the notion of "library" as an intimate vessel in the larger context of the city and as a "diffuser" of knowledge, history, reference and language.


We produced an aroma suffused with rich, smoky, leathery notes amplified by wisps of spiced pipe tobacco and ripened, honeyed apricot. Finished with the warm sensation of a wood burning fireplace, to match the decor, it precisely captured the magnificence redolent of the era of New York society's "Four Hundred," led by the Astors, Burdens and Vanderbilts. 


Nutmeg, Cypriol, Apricot Accord, Oud, Cedar, Patchouli,

Helichrysum Absolute, Gaiacwood, Benzoin, Madagascar Vanilla.


Creative Direction: Tony Perez

Perfumer: Lucas Sieuzac

Diffusion method:  Standalone & HVAC unit

Architect: Robert A. M. Stern

Developer: Corigin



Percentage of all responding residents who felt the scent improved the overall living experience. 82% felt it added to the perceived value of the building. 

"Incorporating scent into the building has added an entirely new dimension to living here. It feels cozier and warmer and just adds to the ambiance. I always bring my guests to the library to enjoy the atmosphere - it's mesmerizing."
- Resident 20 EEA
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