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285 Madison Avenue

New York



RFR Realty enlisted BFNY to create a scent for its newly renovated commercial property at 285 Madison Avenue. They sought to scent the two tenant amenity spaces - a ground floor multipurpose common room and their rooftop lounge.


We saw using a custom created scent as an excellent opportunity to metaphorically connect the rooftop lounge with the ground floor common room and simultaneously create a scent that brought the idea of nature into the building. The rooftop lounge's outdoor component is serene and tranquil, designed as an a place to escape and recharge from the daily pressures of work. We looked at the open air, landscaped terrace and built a concept around the notion of nature as an refuge from the natural chaos of the city. In essence, the aroma became an extension of the outdoor garden, pulled through the building and acting as a connector, like bookends, between the roof and the ground floor. The goal was to create the aroma would serve as a constant reminder of a world outside the daily grind.


Taking our cues from the rooftop garden, we designed a scent with fresh green, floral undertones and in the process, blurring the lines of distinction between the frenetic energy of the man-made and the tranquility of nature. The dominant green note gives the space the freshness of cut grass while the floral component, infused with a berry-apple accord, adds to the complexity of the Monet-like garden air.


Apple Accord, Black Currant, Green Accord, Rose, Hyacinth, Fig Leaf, Geranium, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean.


Creative Direction: Tony Perez

Perfumer: Jerome Epinette

Diffusion method:  Standalone & HVAC unit

Architect: Studios Architecture

Client: RFR



285 Madison became the Pilot Program for scenting RFR's select public spaces and commercial real estate properties.


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