Tony is a co-founder of BFNY, an innovative strategic scent branding agency dedicated to creating beautiful ambient and environmental aromas that communicate to, and connect people on a more emotional and visceral level. As an architect turned perfumer, he is passionate about using scent as a means of enhancing the expression of architectural form and materials.


As the son of a diplomat, Tony spent his youth abroad living in cities such as Brussels, Geneva, Ankara and Quito, where he formed an appreciation for different cultures and their unique treasures. He relies on his entrepreneurial sprit and diverse background in architecture, design, branding and perfumery to lead his agency in creating one-of-a-kind aromas for some of the most sought after clients in the world. After graduating from Columbia University with a Masters degree in Architecture, Tony started his career at Skidmore Owings & Merrill designing some of the most iconic buildings in North America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. As a devout problem solver with a lead-by-design philosophy, Tony enjoys tackling complex design issues that require bridging the design gap across multiple disciplines. He turned to scent after realizing that for design to be truly engaging, it needed to appeal to our emotions on a more intimate level. He spent time in Paris at the Cinquieme Sens perfumery school, with the notion that scent and architecture are closely related disciplines, and as a result, he is recognized as a pioneer in the field of sensory architecture.

A phenomenologist at heart, he has always felt that form, light, sound, touch, color and scent - experiences that we get from the senses, play a crucial part in how we engage with and understand the world around us. His interest in shaping the experiences of people in the spaces we inhabit, has led the the crafting of BFNY as a premiere scent design and branding company focused on the idea of sensory architecture as a means to fully and more emotionally integrate how we engage with people and our environments in daily life. Additionally, he and Meredith are co-creators of their celebrated "Belle Fleur" niche line of home fragrances that have been sold at select luxury retail  establishments from New York to Hong Kong.



Meredith is a founding partner of BFNY and is 25 years in as the founder of the illustrious parent company, Belle Fleur. She is an internationally recognized and sought after expert in design and decor and her background in florals, fashion design and brand building has shaped her design aesthetic and propelled her into the position as one of the industry's go-to experts in all things related to design and decor. An expert in marketing and because of her renowned expertise in flowers, she has frequently been asked by fashion houses like Chanel, to assist in co-presenting new perfume launches to consumers.

A true New Yorker at heart, she uses the vast resources of the city to inspire her creativity. She has lived and worked in NYC since her graduation from Parsons School of Design, where she earned a BFA in Fashion Marketing. She spent several years working with Calvin Klein and GFT - parent company to Valentino and other haute couture lines, in their design and marketing departments, where she honed her savvy business and design acumen. As a testament to her likability and people skills, the network she built over the years, from haute couture fashion houses to major fashion publications, helped launch her own business with a solid and highly credible foundation.

Meredith believes that sensory experiences involving scent, not only serve to enhance emotional connectivity, but make life infinitely more beautiful and fulfilling. She is a frequent lecturer at the Flower School New York, where she instructs a new generation of talented designers in material, color, texture and composition. She has been a featured lecturer on the topic of Finding Inspiration at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, Art in Bloom annual event. She has also been a frequent guest on TV, such as Martha Stewart's show, and has been featured in numerous mainstream publications on such topics ranging from design to entrepreneurship



Jerome Epinette

Jerome is a perfumer at the top of his game. Highly in demand having achieved commercial successes with his aromas, he's a two-time winner of the Fragrance Foundation's Perfume Extraordinaire Award. He hails from the Burgundy region of France and trained as a biochemist and perfumer. Perfumery isn't his only talent however. Jerome is an accomplished chef, golfer and wine connoisseur.


Lucas Sieuzac

Hailing from a dynasty of French perfumers, and an accomplished perfumer himself, Lucas decided early in life that he would  dedicate himself to a life guided by the inspiration to create beauty through the senses. He is the recipient of the Prix Lalique for perfumery and has created notable aromas for brands such as Armani, Carolina Herrera and Comme des Garcons.


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