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sensory architects

shaping space with scent

Haute Couture for the Senses

sensory architects

Shaping space with scent


Great brands understand how to connect with people. we create scent strategies that help brands make those connections more profound and more emotionally Engaging.

it's not enough for your audience to hear your story, they must feel it.


As scent creators, the art we construct is unseen and intangible, yet it is inherently powerful. It is an art that is displayed not in galleries or museums, but in the spaces we inhabit. It is designed to communicate viscerally, to stimulate our emotions with the intent to provoke our imagination and to allow long-dormant memories back into our our present world. 


Though our art speaks directly to the senses, its true value lies in its capacity to uplift our collective soul and transform how we feel and how we interact with the world around us.


20EEA street.jpg


One of the most luxurious residential condominiums designed by a prized architect, a stellar developer and scented by BFNY, is a masterclass in sensory storytelling.


A rare and priceless cognac, the Chinese Lunar New Year and a mission to create a branded aroma that represents the very soul of the Hennessy brand.


Looking to add value to the building's recently renovated  rooftop and lounge amenity spaces, a famed developer turned to BFNY to enhance the tenant experience.




Aroma can be a multidimensional building material and for the ultimate sensory experience, designers need to consider scent a vital and necessary component in creating environments for humans .

04   /   04   /   2020


We believe in creating moments in life that are beautiful, memorable and INTENSELY emotional.

We do that by helping brands tell their stories in more profound and meaningful ways, creating signature scent solutions that encourage your audience to feel happy, healthy, safe, inspired, relaxed, connected and loved.

Operating in the space between the disciplines of art and perfumery, BFNY is an award-winning, strategic olfactive branding agency dedicated to creating iconic and provocative sensory experiences for our clients. Our mission is to deepen the positive emotional connections between brand and consumer and between people and their built environment.

Our backgrounds in architecture, perfumery, brand building and design, informs a philosophy that centers around the beauty of fragrance and what it can bring to the spaces we inhabit - a beauty that can only exist when the narrative and the materials tell the story together.

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